Saturday, 30 June 2007

The Face Of Jack

Well that's it over for John Barrowman's (Captain Jack Harkness) Doctor Who appearance but although just as he left he posed the question does Jack evolve into The Face Of Boe. The Face Of Boe is a friend of The Doctor's who dies by saving New Earth. The reason for us all thinking Jack is Boe is because as Jack left he said "They used to call me The Face Of Boe". So that suggests our brilliant Captain apparently lives for billions of years, so that's got too be many more series's of Torchwood to come right?

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The Calicios said...

So, it came as a bit of a shock? that Jack was known as the FoB. However, have there been references to him being the FoB in either S1 of Torchwood or S27 of Doctor Who?

A friend posed this question earlier. It's plausible that there may have been a reference to his links to being the FoB that we haven't picked up.