Saturday, 30 June 2007

Martha In Torchwood, Australian Fan Club and other STUFF!

Hello Woodies, the Cyberman is back again with some more Australian trailer goodness for you. I would also like to welcome into the realm of Torchwood, possibly the first of many Australian Torchwood sites (besides the channel ten site), The Torchwood Fan Club Of Australia. The site has only been up for around a week, but has already gathered many members. On behalf of Torchwood PR, welcome Aussie Woodies!

For Australian visitors I would, encourage you to check out "Torchwood Declassified" in our links section. Declassified is a behind the scenes series shown in the UK only (at this stage), covering each episode of the show. Each Declassified runs for approximately 8 to 10 minutes and will give you all the ins and outs from the cast and crew.

Next up some news, relating to both Torchwood and its parent series Doctor Who. Regular visitors to Torchwood PR and BadWolf PR would be aware that a few months back, rumours were flying around the net regarding Freema Agyeman. The rumours were that she had been sacked from the series, this was later debunked by the BBC as being completely untrue. Well different rumours are now circulating about Freema, that she will only appear in a few episodes of Doctor Who series 4 (not the Christmas special which starts filming next week).

Apparently Freema will also be appearing in a few episodes of Torchwood. This begs the question does Martha return to Cardiff with Captain Jack? We will all know the answer to this within the next 24 hours, with the final episode of series 3 premiering tonight in the UK. The original article about this can be seen at the Mirror's website (UK newspaper).

The article also goes to on to mention Kylie Minogues' appearance in this years Christmas special. It also mentions that the Doctor will be getting a new companion, which I imagine Martha is quite jealous of. Regarding Marthas' Torchwood appearance (and I am only speculating here), I imagine she might pop up in the episode tentatively titled "Adam". As all Whovians would be aware, Adam is the only companion to be evicted from the Tardis Big Brother style. He was not happy about this when it happened, and his storyline has not really been bought to a conclusion. For this reason it is thought, the episode maybe about him. It makes sense that Martha would be ideal help to the Torchwood team, to assist Jack, Gwen and co.

This trailer is the "next time" trailer, featured at the end of episode two. Its 30 seconds in duration, and features all the usual Aussie voice overs. I hope you enjoy it. 'Til next time Woodies, peace and now the countdown commences to Jack's final Who appearance for the year.

Torchwood S1E03 Australian Promo 1



Bad Wolf said...

Martha in torchwood i hope so that would be cool and maybe get to hear martha swear for oncelol

gaz_dwsja said...

bad wolf, do u like swearing?