Friday, 16 March 2007

Surprises Chapter 1 Unwarm Welcome

As we sit at home waiting for Torchwood to air again what can we do to pass the time. Well one fan has had a great idea to write there own Torchwood novel. This fan is called [<3] Mrs CJH [<3 and is a regular visit to my sites.The first chapter can be seen below. P.S the next chapter will be posted soon.

A cold breeze swept through the hub sending a chill up Tosh's spine and her paperwork half way across the floor. "careful Tosh" Owen smirked Tosh clearly wasn't amused. Owen sauntered off into the autopsy room whilst Tosh crouched down muttering something about "ignorant, smug pig" before sorting out the papers strewn across the floor. Tosh lunged forward to reach a paper by the rift machine. She sighed and tutted as a tattered and worn show trod on the paper. "Typical Owen" she thought; he was a always trying to wind her up..and it usually worked. she thumped the foot with her fish, hard. "Owen get lost!" The foot shifted. "That's no way to treat your boss!" Echoed the sultry American voice. Tosh gasped and looked up in awe. "Jack" she cried throwing her arms round his neck. "Wh...But...Whe.." "I've been travelling- but I'm back now- for good" He ran his hands through her hair as she cried tears of joy into his shoulder. a puzzled expression was fixated on his face; he didn't realise how much he had been missed. Gwen and Owen rolled in laughing- hitting each other playfully. Owen stopped mid-slap; squinting at Jack not quite believing it was him. He let go of Gwen's wrists- still he remained silent. "hey big boy" Jack teased "Oh no you're back, though I'd got rid of you for good" he signed with a cheeky smile. "I'm like a boomerang, i keep coming back!" he joked. By this time Gwen was running towards Jack smiling away. She wrapped her arms round his waist "Evil sod" she sobbed "how could you leave us!" "I'm back now Gwen..don't worry" she giggled whilst Owen stood in the background raising his eyebrow at Jack. He had only been away just over a week but he hadn't changed one bit, he was still the obnoxious smug git he had always been; they loved him for it. The hub had been empty without him. There was no one to make snide comments, no one to lead them, no one to try and make out with every living thing in sight and more one to have fun with. They stood around talking for a few minutes. no one could quite grasp the fact he was back. Questions were bouncing off the walls, swirling round. They were all eager to know where he had been? Who with? How? But Jack just smiled vacantly and replied "I'm back now". He gazed past them towards the door aching for it to open. The one he came back for wasn't there to greet him. He had missed him so much. The one thing he'd waited so long for didn't make him as happy as he thought it would. He had already found the person he loved, the only one he was already here. Jack would give anything to see him now. Feel his skin on his, feel his breath on his neck, hear his voice in his ear. Jack didn't need the Doctor he had everything right here. He hoped it wasn't too late. Jack jumped mid-thought as they all glanced upwards to the sound of footsteps above them. Ianto finally emerged from the rooms above and descended the stairs . His eyes widened as he stared at Jack in disbelief. The 4 of them waited to see what Ianto did next. Nothing. Jack wasn't sure if he was in shock of still angry with him. He hoped it was the first one. "Nice to have you back sir." he said calmly. The team looked puzzled. Was that all he had to say? Ianto ventured back up the stairs murmuring something about coffee. Jack followed him desperate to make it alright. He needed him more than he'd ever know. "Ianto" he called after him practically running to keep up with him. "Ianto!" he cried whilst he just walked and walked. Jack wondered where exactly he was going but just assumed he wanted to get away from him. He continued walking faster and faster until jack was running after him. He stretched out his arm and lunged forward spinning him round so fast; possibly a little too hard. Jack looked deep in to his eyes; they were red with silent tears grazing his cheeks. "you left when we needed you the most" he said fighting back the tears; he couldn't let Jack see him cry. Jack raised an eyebrow "We?.." Ianto bowed his head "I needed you" "Well why do you think I came back?" Jack replied softly resting his hand on the other man's shoulder. "You needn't have come back from..this other 'thing' was obviously far more important than us." By this time Jack had realised that Ianto's group phrases really meant him; he just didn't want to seem too neady. "Where did you go Jack?" Ianto queried pulling his arm away. "His name's the doctor; he was an old..." he paused "friend who I lost" "Did you love him?" Ianto said softening up slightly. "I wasn't sure, I had to see him again...I went looking for what I truly wanted..." Ianto turned away sharply and began to walk off, tears streaming down his face. "Ianto wait!!" Jack cried clutching on to Ianto's arm as if his life depended on it. Ianto wriggled his arm trying to break free of Jack's strong manly grip. Ianto screwed his eyes up, turning away; trying to get away. "Just let me go!" he pleaded "I hadn't finished ...I..." Jack continued "I think you've said enough already!" Jack grasped Ianto other wrist "I asked to be brought back...I realised I had already found everything I ever wanted" Jack leaned in closer lightly kissing Ianto's soft lips and was surprised when he kissed back. There arms wrapped round each other never wanting to let go. Jack pulled away and smiled. A single tear surfaced on his cheek "I...I.." Jack stuttered "It's OK" Ianto said "I love you too"... Jack sighed praying things were back to normal...or so they seemed...

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