Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The End Of The Posts

Unfortunately due to lack of time I'm afraid to say that this blog is soon to be not posted on. This blog has managed to reach 126 posts including this one and was originally made on the 24th February 2007. I at first ran this site by myself but was soon joined by the arrival of Robert and Cpotey who have helped me post on this blog and keep you all updated with the latest Torchwood news. Could i take the time to thank those two for all their help to this blog as well as thanking each and every visitor and helper to this site. If anyone is currently wondering where you can find the latest Torchwood news i strongly recommend Torchwood.TV and Tardis And Torchwood Treasures. As for me i will still be around and about as i will continue to make Music Videos which can all be found on my You Tube Channel Here as well as chatting to anyone who wishes to speak to me. So this is basically it for me and blogging i hope you thoroughly enjoyed all our posts and thanks for your support.


According to the Daily Star, in series 2 Gwen Cooper gets pregnant with an alien baby. Gwen will be expecting a half-baby, and find out on he wedding day, getting married to Rhys. Rhys isn't the father though... Gwen had been inpregnanted by an alien. Now Martha and Gwen have to hide the bump on the tummy from Rhys.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Hammond Talks Torchwood

Peter J Hammond who wrote the Torchwood Series 1 episode Small Worlds has recently told the SFX Blog that his story in Series 2 will be even scarier. According to the writer he has borrowed a plot element from his ITV series Sapphire and Steel which he created in the early 1980s. He also revealed some spoilers for his episode which can be seen by highlighting the text below.

"I think one of my favourite Sapphire and Steels was the one with Mr Shape going in and out of photographs. Torchwood takes this a bit further and it's people coming out of moving films from the '20s. There are some lovely 'black and white' people in it."As the SFX blog points out, that particular Sapphire and Steel story by Hammond has inspired two recent writers in their Doctor Who scripts, with the faceless people in The Idiot's Lantern and the trapped-in-mirrors resolution to the Family Of Blood."

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Everything Changes S1 Ep1

Everything Changes sees the Doctor Who Spin-off kick off on a high. The story begins with a murder which is then taken over by a team of experts who have special access called Torchwood. At the murder scene Gwen Cooper happens to see the team of experts somehow bring the murder victim back to life using a glove. As the story continues Gwen starts to try and investigate this team and find out about the mysterious Captain Jack Harkness. This leads her to see a man being torn apart by a monster which she originally thought was a man in a mask. Eventually after close observations Gwen Cooper manages to track down the Torchwood Team and their base which is hidden away underground. Captain Jack Harkness strangely introduces Gwen to the team which consists off Owen Harper, Suzie Costello, Toshiko Sato and Ianto Jones. Jack also introduces her to the creature that she saw kill someone that have been named Weevils. Gwen is soon drugged with a amnesia pill which makes her forget her ever meeting Torchwood. Gwen however soon remembers Torchwood as she starts to piece together the latest murders which leads her back to the Torchwood base to find out Suzie killed the victims. This then leads Suzie to shoot Jack but then shoot herself when Jack stands back up seemly unaffected by the blast. Gwen is soon offered to join the Torchwood team as Jack explains that something happened to him a long time ago and ever since he can not die. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this episode as I thought the character of Gwen was very clever and I found it started the series of great and keeps you hooked. Overall I would give this episode a 8/10.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Possible Series 2 Episode Names

Thanks to a BBC Insider Torchwood PR now has some possible episode names for Torchwood Series 2. Of course these names have yet to be confirmed by the BBC. These names can be seen below but if you do not wish to be spoiled do not read them.

  • Episode 8 Day In The Death Of
  • Episode 9 Wedding
  • Episode 10 From Out Of The Rain
  • Episode 11 Adrift
  • Episode 12 Prequel
  • Episode 13 Spaceship Under Bay

TV Choice Awards 2007

Last night at the British TV Quick and TV Choice Awards Torchwood managed to grab a award for its first series. Torchwood won the award for Best New Drama. I'd like to take the time to congratulate Torchwood for all it's success and to wish them the best of luck for there second series.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Surprises Chapter 4 Undisputed Decisions By Mrs CJH

Everyone stopped what they were doing. Tosh stood up from her computer, Gwen and Owen stopped over by the coffee machine and ran over to Tosh. "Where did that come from!?" Gwen exclaimed. They stood there in silence for a few moments until Tosh said "Did that come from the cells...weren't Jack and Ianto down there?.." They all glanced down the corridor aching to know what it was but neither daring to go down there in case whatever it was got them too.

Jack turned round staring into the blackness of the corridor "Ianto! Is that you? Are you ok? IANTO!?" he called whilst running back into the darkness re tracing his steps. "Jack?Jack!" Ianto called in front of him- not sure which way to go. Out of the darkness emerged a running figure charging down the corridor shouting his name. "Jack what was that crash? Was it you?" Jack widened his eyes looking offended "when was the last time I screamed?!" "Well, last night when..." Ianto answered raising his eyebrow, "Ahem that’s not quite what I meant!" Jack scoffed with a smile. "Hang on Yan wasn't Captain Jack down there?..."

They immediately began running down the corridor, Jack pulling Ianto to keep up with him. They slowly opened the door to the room and before they saw inside a weevil rushed out knocking Ianto to the floor as it passed them before charging off down the corridor. Jack buzzed the rest of the team and told them there was a rogue weevil heading there way and to do something with it. Jack offered Ianto a helping hand and pulled him off the ground and they slowly opened the door to the room.

"Oh My God!!" Jack screamed as he knelt down beside the captain stroking his head, fighting back the pain and feeling of disgust as his lovers torn body lay there. Ianto didn't know what to say, what could he say? Nothing would make it better. "Ianto go and get the rest of the team. We better move him. I’ll stay down here." The team came down and helped Jack carefully move him into the autopsy room. When the team reached Jack his faced was tear stained but no one questioned him, it was obvious he was trying to put on a brave face. Jack and Ianto sat down while Owen stitched up his wounds and cleaned his face. Ianto felt so sorry for Jack, he'd never seen him like this. He never really liked the captain but he wouldn't wish this upon anyone. "Ok Jack, Ianto, he’s done; well he looks better than he did before. I tried my best" Owen confirmed.

"What a waste" Jack sighed running his hand through the captain's hair. Ianto grabbed Jack's other hand under the table and squeezed it and smiled before whispering "Its OK". Owen walked back in "Not in here you two! I kwow you' know...but still!" Owen grumbled "Not in my room" he said a tad flustered before storming out. There was a weird silence with Jack looking nervous. "Jack are you ok you look...thoughtful?" Ianto questioned. "Umm Yan, don't think I’m crazy but...remember what you said about gloves coming in pairs?" He questioned nervously. Ianto looked a bit bemused before catching on. "Jack? Are you sure? You saw what happened with Gwen, surely the rest of the team would never agree to it? He wondered wearily. "Who said they'd have to know what we used?" They both smiled at each other in agreement. "Well Yan, we have a slight problem...we don't know where it is!" Jack sighed feeling defeated. Ianto started nervously biting his lip "umm..." he paused for a moment with Jack staring at him eyes widened willing him to go on. "...sir...don’t be angry...suzie...she had the other one..her garage, I knew about it but...I would never have used it!.." he babbled incoherently. "Ianto don't worry I know you wouldn't" he smiled reassuringly. "So what are we waiting for- I don't know where it is!" Jack scoffed pulling Ianto to his feet, grabbing his coat and exiting the hub towards the SUV.

Back at the hub an hour or two later they returned carrying a large box "Its ok you 3 go home. Have an early night, get hammered, whatever you please but make it snappy" Jack ordered to the rest of the team. Owen muttered something about them shagging but Jack just laughed and joined Ianto in the autopsy room.

They lifted him onto the table- he was cold, still, pale. "He shouldn't be like this" Jack said quietly. "No-one should" Ianto agreed "Now are you sure about this You don't know what could happen?" "Look I'm prepared to take that risk, please Yan don't bail on me, I need you more than ever now!" And that was all he needed to know and with that he handed Jack the glove which he slipped on cautiously. Jack rested his metal hand on the Captain's head and the other round the glove's wrist whilst Ianto grabbed the Captain's hand. Jack felt a sharp electric pulse vibe up his arm and through his whole body. The Captain's eyes opened and he gasped before shutting them again and becoming lifeless. Jack moaned frustrated "C'mon!" he squeezed the glove gently and the Captain gasped and threw his head back squeezing Ianto's hand whilst Jack lay unconscious- well presumed dead but he'd be back in a minute or two. "Where am I" Captain Jack exclaimed "Its OK" reassured Ianto "You're back now- you're safe". The Captain looked bewildered before sitting up and noticing Jack lying on the floor gasping for air. Jack stood up pretty much unfazed by it and very matter-of-factly said "You died, actually quite a painful accident may I add but you probably remember that...umm...we brought you back, we’ve got this glove thing and it can do that, so we did.." he smiled. The Captain hugged them both and whispered "Thank-you".

The next morning Jack was in the hub explaining to everyone something about him transferring his resurrecting abilities into the Captain a bit, but wasn't sure if they believed him or not but he was their leader so what he says goes. Back in Jack's office Ianto was sitting with the Captain "So, how’s it feel to be back?" Ianto questioned. "OK- it’s just...well before I died I was thinking how I've come between you and Jack and basically made a mess of things ever since I got here".

"Dont say that! Its not your fault you're here" he reassured him. "I know its not but I just think...maybe it'd be better if I was back in my own time; no offence but there’s no complications- just looking after my team, they need me." They both sighed before Ianto added "Jack's doing that too...he just wants the best for us"

"Ianto...don't mention this to Jack you know how to work the rift?" The Captain asked cautiously. "Ermm....yeahh I have before but it ended up with Owen rolling on top of me and he got a big hole in his shoulder!" Ianto laughed "long story..!" The captain laughed too before looking serious again "Ianto will you help me?.." "Of course I will...with what?" he looked in confusion. "will you help send be back home..."

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Torchwood Series 1 DVD Features

SCI-FI WIRE has announced a list of features which are to be included in the Torchwood Series 1 DVD due to be released January 8, 2008. The features can be seen below.

The bonus features include the featurettes Welcome to Torchwood; Torchwood on the Scene; Torchwood Out of this World; Torchwood Sex, Violence, Blood and Gore; Torchwood on the Road; The Team and Their Troubles; Torchwood: Moments in the Making; The Captain's Log; Torchwood on Time; and Torchwood Declassified. The DVD will also feature deleted scenes, audio commentary on all 13 first-season episodes and outtakes

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Russell T Davies Interview

In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine Russell T Davies (Torchwood Creator) tells Benjamin Cook about the second series of Torchwood below are some extracts from the magazine.

"The first episode of Series Two is rip-roaring, It's the sexiest adventure we've ever done, and Chris Chibnall's finest hour. I know there are certain sections of fandom who'd love us to say, 'We've completely revamped it, and reinvented all of the characters,' but we haven't, actually."
"We like those five characters," Russell continues, "We love that cast; there are still no two-parters in it, we're keeping one-off stories each week, some sad, some funny, some lively, but a general sense of fun. Why don't they have more of a laugh?"

Aswell as a interview with Russell theirs also news that episode 7 of series 2 of Torchwood will be written by Matt Jones whereas Joseph Lidster will write episode 8. Also there is interview with production designer Edward Thomas, who talks about the challenges of filming Torchwood in HD. He also talks about the design process behind the stunning Hub set.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Torchwood Series 2 Press Release

Earlier today i posted saying News Where Are You? Well now news is here as the BBC Press Office have released a Press Release concerning Torchwood Series 2 and Martha's role. You can see this press release and a brand new Torchwood picture below.

Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) is back and reunited with Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) when she teams up with Torchwood (BBC Two) to help them solve a series of mysterious deaths in Cardiff.
Pictured here as she steps into the Hub for the first time, a more grown up and worldly-wise Martha brings her medical knowledge and the expertise learnt during her travels with The Doctor to help Torchwood do battle against an alien threat.
Freema Agyeman says: "Martha has grown up a lot since Doctor Who. She's now a fully qualified doctor and a bit hardened by life experiences. When she finds out that Captain Jack needs her help, she joins Torchwood for a while. She continues to develop her knowledge of alien intelligence, but this time keeping her feet on the ground.
"These will be invaluable skills to take back with her on future adventures with The Doctor. She outgrew The Doctor, in a sense, and so the next time they meet it will be in a more professional capacity. I'm so proud of her journey and who she has become.
"And for me as an actress, it's a great new challenge to be able to broaden and expand Martha as she develops in other directions for this more adult series. The Torchwood team are fabulous to work with and have made me very welcome."
Creator of Torchwood, Russell T Davies says: "Freema is a wonderful actress and we want to give her the chance to add another dimension to Martha. She is going to cause some waves in the team – especially as she joins Torchwood at a point when everything is going to change for one of them."
Freema is one of many special guest stars appearing in the new series of Torchwood. Richard Briers is the latest to join the line-up, playing Parker, a reclusive millionaire who is the keeper of alien secrets, much later in the series. Alan Dale (Ugly Betty, Lost) and James Marsters (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) have also been confirmed.
The second series of Torchwood begins on BBC Two in the New Year and Martha will be starring half way through the series, appearing in three episodes.
Torchwood is executive produced by Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner, Head of Drama BBC Wales. The producer is Richard Stokes and the series is filmed in Cardiff.