Friday, 20 April 2007

Suprises Chapter 3 Uncontrolable Feelings

Jack was on the way back to the hub when his communicator bleeped and flashed. "Is Gwen alright?" Owen jumped. "I'm sure its nothing" Jack reassured him before answering it. "Gwen whats up?" He said. "Ummmm Jack I'm confused, just get back here asap...theres a very confused, rather attractive man dressed in 1950's/40's military uniform...and hes got your name.." Explained Gwen forgetting she was on loudspeaker. Back in the SUV Jack was lost for words. Could this be the man he left behind? The man he knew for a few hours but had felt he knew all his life? He didn't know, all he knew was he would never be able to explain this to any of them..let alone Ianto. "I'll be there as soon as possible" Jack managed to say "I've calmed him down and hes having coffee, I told him I was getting someone who can help, thanks Jack" Gwen added before hanging up. Jack didn't know if he was that person. If it was what he thought it was; his lover coming back through the rift then what would he do? Even he didn't know. In the back of the SUV Tosh was quiet, well more than usual, not daring to say anything. Ianto was the first to talk..."Tosh, you're quiet, do you know something?" She looked nervous and began biting her lip before saying "Why would I? I was just trying to work something out! Thanks alot Ianto I've forgotten now!" Ianto looked shocked at the idea of being told off and by Tosh of all people. As the SUV pulled up in silence to the hub Jack jumped out leaving the others to deal with the soldier, he couldn't think straight, he didn't know what he'd do if it was what he thought it was, but it couldn't be...could it? As he stepped into the hub his one wish & worst fear came true. There he was. Captain Jack Harkness was back. "Jack!" Gwen cried running over to him. "I'm so glad you're here, I didn't know what to do with him, he just appeared and...why does he have your name?" "Gwen it's a long story but its his name...not mine. I needed a name: I was too well known so I looked back on records and when he dies in 1941 I erased his records and took his name" Gwen looked confused "so what is your real name Jack?...whatever you're name is?" "It doesn't matter. just call me Jack, well James for now- that's what he knows me as" Jack told her. "WHAT? you've met before? how? when?!" Jack looked a bit shifty he wasn't sure how much he could trust Gwen but he had to tell her "Erm...when me and Tosh went back to 1941, I met him, it was the day before he died..." he confided Gwen looked sympathetic before adding "Did you love him Jack?" He pressed his lips together and sighed "I don't know, maybe he loved me, I'm not sure" he said wearily then added "I'd better talk to him but please keep Ianto out of the way, please" "I'll do my best Jack" she added before leaving in the direction of the cells. Captain Jack didn't take Jacks explanation very well. He did his best to explain about the rift but theres only so much a 1941 soldier can take. He didn't explain about his name though; too complicated he thought. "I'm sorry I had to leave you" Jack said. Captain Jack glanced up from his coffee. "Its okay, you had other commitments here he said gesturing towards the cells where Ianto was. Then he added "As if i meant anything to you anyway, I was stupid to think so". Jack closed his eyes feeling ashamed, he loved Captain Jack but he loved Ianto too, things had only just got better; how would he explain this to him? Captain Jack just stormed out, he didn't know where he was going, he just kept going even when Gwen, Owen and Tosh walked past. He needed someone to talk to so he walked to the cells where he knew Ianto was, he knew how he felt. Ianto was filling in a form when he got there. "Ahem..." Captain Jack said trying to get his attention. Ianto glanced briefly up from the form and sighed as if to say 'not you'. "I know who you are & I dont want to fight with you , in fact I don't want anything to do with you!" Ianto protested.Captain Jack looked offended "I just wanted to talk, James is really angry with me, I know he loves you but...well I thought we had something special" he told Ianto. "I know who you are...Gwen told me and well, James must feel something for you as much as it pains me to say that...well he asked Gwen to keep it from me or he wouldn't be so protective about it, oh yeah and his name isn't James..." Captain Jack looked really confused "well...what is it?" he piped up. "We don't know really, we call him Jack but that's not his real name" Ianto told him slightly confused himself at what he was saying. "So hes just a liar really" Captain Jack said with a little laugh "Pretty much" Ianto sighed raising his eyebrows. "You never know where you stand?" Jack said walking over to the door "Wait!" Ianto called out stopping Captain Jack just before the door. Ianto looked at him and moved closer to the other staring into his eyes , the gap closing between them. When mere centimetres were between them Ianto reached out putting his hands on Captain Jack's face and the others man's arms wrapped around his waist. He leaned in towards Ianto and kissed him softly, Ianto kissed back pushing him against the door. They broke apart from each other breathing heavily. Captain Jack bit his lip flirtatiously and they gazed into each others eyes, still holding on. "Making our way round the team are we Yan?" came an angry sounding American voice from the other doorway at the end of the corridor. They immediately broke away "Sir...Jack..It's not what it looks like!..." "Whatever Yan, you'll be after Owen next, I'm sure it wasn't your way of welcoming him to out decade!" He said sarcastically before turning away slamming the door behind him. Ianto ran after him not even looking back. Captain Jack just stood there leaning against the glass of a cell. He sighed a sigh of guilt, not only had he ruined his and Jack's relationship he had ruined it for Ianto too. He banged his head on the glass, eyes shut. He heard a faint cracking noise behind him and all of a sudden the glass gave way and shattered. Captain Jack toppled backwards violently into the cell; screaming. The weevil in the cell shot out and pounced onto him sinking its fangs into his neck piercing his throat; he screamed, a scream that echoed round the room; but no one was there to hear him. There was no one. No one there in his last moments. He just lay there; still; dead.

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