Monday, 2 July 2007

100TH Post - Yay, streamers, party whistles and all that!

Hello Woodies,

its the Cyberman back again to treat you with some more video, from way down south. Way, way, down south, that is. Today I have for you yet another Australian Promo for Torchwoods' series one screening. This is the second promo for for S1E03 "Ghost Machine" and goes for only 14 seconds.

A lot you are probably saying to yourselves, I love these video postings but I can't save them. Well the people over at Real Networks have thankfully solved all of your problems there, in there latest release of Real Player. Real Player 11 Beta now allows you to record streaming video, and yes that means most YouTube videos. You can obtain the software from this link here, try it out for yourself.

Next up, some actual news with full confirmation today from the BBC about Freema Ageyman (Martha Jones from Doctor Who) making an appearance in 3 episodes of Torchwood Series 2. It will be interesting to see Freema and John Barrowmans on screen chemistry again, after 3 episodes together in series 3 of Doctor Who. Many fans after watching "The Last Of The Time Lords" would of been wondering if Martha was leaving the series.

Well as we earlier confirmed here at Torchwood PR, this not the case at all. Martha Jones will be rejoining the Doctor mid Series 4, and also making an appearance in Torchwood. Great news, really (I am not going to say seriously here again, Channel 10 can do it for me). Any way the video . . . . . . 'Til next time Woodies, peace and now the wait for Xmas Who and series 2 Torchwood.

Torchwood S1E03 Australian Promo 2


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