Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Thanks to Kasterbourous, Torchwood PR can now reveal that there is soon to be a Torchwood Magazine. This magazine will apparently be published in 2008 to run with series 2. The magazine will be produced by Titan and will include a comic. Titan also hold the rights to produce Torchwood graphic novels. It will also most likely feature news, reviews and behind the scenes on the latest Torchwood episodes. If you didn't know there is already a Doctor Who Magazine (DWM) which is released on a monthly basis.

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Robert Cyberman said...

This is quite an interesting development. There quite obviously won't be a Torchwood Adventures Magazine, as the show is aimed at an older audience. One question it does raise though is will there be a Sarah Jane Adventures Magazine? If that happens, is also the possibility of a Sarah Jane Adventures Adventures Magazine? Wouldn't that be ridiculous, ha :)