Sunday, 22 July 2007

Marster Is Spotted

As reported earlier by Torchwood PR James Marsters will be appearing in series 2 of Torchwood. Well thanks to Spacy Gal from the Outpost Gallifrey Forum we know have a report and pictures of Torchwood filming. Here's what she has to say:

Wow, what a night! My friend Sue and I were around Mermaid Quay last night and were walking back through Roald Dahl Plas when we saw some trucks turning up. We realised that TW were going to be filming there, so of course we decided to hang around and watch, feeling really excited! Lol.Nothing happened much until about 12.30am. We saw some trailers near the Millennium Centre, and one had "Jack" on the door. A while later John Barrowman turned up, as did James Marsters! The crew set up to film the two of them doing a scene in the plas. We watched them filming the same scene for a couple of hours and saw them all laughing and joking with the crew. It was great to see James wearing another period military uniform. Very different to Jack's, I might add.

A while later Gareth David Lloyd turned up, wearing a lovely pin stripe suit, pale pink shirt and blue striped tie. One of the friendly security guards we'd been chatting to for the past couple of hours knew we really liked Gareth. He went straight over to Gareth and said spoke to him. Next minute Gareth started to walk straight over to us!! He shook our hands and said "Hi, I'm Gareth" - as if we didn't know! Lol. He spoke to us for a bit and then we asked if we could have our photos taken with him. He said "sure, of course" and posed with both of us separately. We had our arms tightly around his waist

Then, Naoko, Eve and Burn all turned up to film a short scene in an old fashioned London hackney cab! All of them (except John) climbed into the cab and they were filmed driving by. Then they all left, except for John, who went back to his trailer for a quick break. As Gareth was leaving he walked back over to us and said "Lovely meeting you ladies, have a good night". He was so adorable!

As the crew started to pack up, the SUV shot by, on the way to the next location.John was then driven off to another nearby location to film one final scene. We could have gone to see him film that too but decided to call it a night, as it was about 4.30am and tiredness finally started to hit us! Lol. We'd seen much more than we'd expected that night anyway, so we were happy! We called a taxi and headed straight home. Exhausted now, going to get some sleep in a minute, but simply had to post our report and some of the pics Sue took.


Rhys said...

Cool Post.:)

pauline1957 said...

you are so lucky must go turning green

JBfanatic said...

OMG GDL's pink shirt! Finally showing Ianto's umm, how to put it, bisexuality?
good quote i came up with:
being bisexual is practically a requirement when working for Torchwood