Friday, 13 July 2007

Those Fairies . . . .

Its becoming a challenge now Woodies, to put something up here that you haven't seen previously elsewhere. I have posted Australian trailers here for you before, and this post will not change that pattern. Just for a change though, Channel 10 Australia has decided to alter the format of their trailers.

This one is for "Small Worlds" the fifth episode of season one, you know the episode with evil fairies. Now a lot of you out there probably know some yourselves, but they're not all evil. Sorry bad joke, any way this new format of 10's seems to have upped the pace a bit from their previous ones. I hope you like it. For some reason 10 is still advertising it as a new series, how many episodes will it take for this to change? I wonder. My next challenge is to find you a trailer for Torchwood in a foreign language.

I actually thought I would have been able to do this for you today, as Torchwood has just started screening in Mexico this week on Canal 22 (presumably Channel 22). Torchwood will be screened twice weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays there. If this site has any Spanish speaking people reading this, please reply to the post in the comments area I would like some confirmation. 'Til next time Woodies peace, and beware the fairies are apparently making a return in season two (or so rumour has it).

Australian Trailer for S1E05 "Small Worlds"

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gaz_dwsja said...

i can speak a bit of Spanish!