Wednesday, 11 July 2007

It's not my Girlfriend, I promise . . .

G'day Woodies,

Cyberman back again with yet another Australian promo. This time covering episode 4 "Cyberwoman". During this episode we all learnt that Ianto had been harbouring an active cyberman or in this case cyberwoman, inside the Hub. He had also acquired a cyber conversion unit, all this had been done behind the backs of the rest of the team. Bad, bad Ianto. The cyberwoman turned out to be none other than his girlfriend Lisa, who had only been partially upgraded.

This trailer again features unnecessary Australian voice overs, which for some reason end up being added in virtually all advertisements down under. This episode has actually already screened, the promo you are about to view was shown on its air date around an hour before the show. I hope you like it.

'Till next time Woodies peace, and keep your eyes peeled for filming in the Cardiff area.

Torchwood Australian Tonight Promo S1E04 "Cyberwoman"


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