Thursday, 21 June 2007

Site Stuff

G'Day Woodies, as you have noticed the "Who Mix Of The Week" has been removed. Why you may ask? Well quite simply because it interfered with other things on the site, videos mainly. Although I absolutely adore Whomix as a site, their plug-in does not allow you to turn off the volume. So regardless of which track I could place on here, you would always constantly hear it going. Even if you were watching one of the site videos.

All of this I found to be quite annoying, and imagine many of you would have had the same feelings about it. Well good news, its gone for good. If we had not intended on placing videos on the site, a deal may have been cut with Whomix. History now all.

Next up more changes, if you haven't noticed already the "Contributors Blogs" area has been updated. Nothing like a freshen up, hey. Any way that is pretty much it. Other than that, Torchwood PR is seeking another contributor. If you are interested, you can apply via the site email address in the links tab. One person though, is permanently exempt from this offer being made them. Can you guess who? Its not really that hard, yes that's right you know who you are.

'Til next time Woodies peace, and I hope you are all enjoying Captain Jacks return in Doctor Who Season 3.


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