Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Set Reporters We Love You

Today whilst doing a check around the forum of Outpost Gallifrey i noticed somebody else has uploaded some pictures and also a set report. This particular person is called Brax and his report and pictures are below.

Just got back from this evening's filming which was great fun. Just two scenes were filmed the 90 minutes or so that I was there but there was also plenty of other entertainment.John Barrowman was very friendly coming over to say hello to the masses on a couple of ocassions while people were also invited to have photos taken with him and autographs.Before rehearsals, people were also able to have their photo taken with the impressive SUV (is that the correct initials?), black car anyway!!!The first scene was done in one take. It involved Jack and Ianto looking at a young girl who was standing by a lamppost. Didn't hear the dialogue if there was any.The second scene involved Jack and Ianto hunting a weevil. The rough script is as follows...Ianto: Weevil sighted in the sewers of _____ street.Ianto then throws Jack the car keys that Jack catches (in every one of the dozen takes). Jack then looks like he's been startled and looks around.Jack: Did you SEE that?They both look for a second before Jack says: "Get in, I'll give you a lift." and they drive off.Filming was interupted a few times, at one point by some young drunks who starting shouting "I love you Jack Barrowman" before asking him for oral sex. Well it is Torchwood after all!John also spoke to the crowd about Joseph saying who he thought wouldn't make the grade.

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