Thursday, 31 May 2007

Australian Website Is Up!

Channel 10 in Australia has put up its own website, in preparation for the shows season one premiere on the 18th of June at 9.30. The website includes a guide to the series and a commentary by Russell T Davies. It also contains a guide to the characters, a photo gallery and a poll which asks the question "What is Torchwood an Anagram for?" Gee, I wonder?

Eve Myles and Naoko Mori have both done a Q & A on how they think Australians will respond to Torchwood. During the questioning Eve states she has the intention of heading to Australia, sometime before this Christmas. Good news for Australian fans.

The website can be seen by following this link. An interesting inclusion in the site are pictures of Suzie, even in the the title banner. Perhaps this has been done deliberately to throw fans off. After all in the advertisements it has already stated that Jack can't die, that in itself is a major spoiler.

Great to see an Australian Channel making an effort with their site, unlike Channel 2 with Doctor Who (ie: see external site, being the official one). 'Til next time Woodies.


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