Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The Weekly Adventures of Torchwood Down Under

Greetings Woodies, since its premiere in Australia I have endeavoured to bring you advertising from Down Under. This week is no exception. Below you will find Channel 10 Australia's promotion for episode 7 "Greeks Baring Gifts". In addition to this, I've also got another Australian review for you from The Age "Green Guide". This one, a lot more favourable than the last one from Ann-Maree Bellman as featured in my previous post.

Fergus Sheil has a lot better to say of the show, and doesn't fill his review with why? He loves adding humour and also shows us his Welsh side, in his closing statement. The review goes as follows . . .

Channel Ten, 9.15pm

This anagrammatic Doctor Who spin-off for big kids has an impressive commitment to making Cardiff look like a cosmopolitan centre. Who would have guessed that the Welsh capital was the sort of place where fashionable young alien-hunters could enjoy chic shopping, same-sex kissing and hot clubbing when not reviving the dead with an oven mitt? Torchwood is the square-jawed, time-travelling, special operations answer to cosmic criminality that the Welsh have promised for so long. Tonight, Toshiko (Naoko Mori) meets a woman at a bar who gives her a strange mind-reading pendant. When Tosh puts it on, she is overwhelmed by the thoughts of others and by a sudden desire to tap into her new friend's orgasmic energy. The other members of the Torchwood gang are left pondering the connection between a centuries-old skeleton and a strange metal contraption unearthed side-by-side in a field. As they say in the valleys, "cymerwch ofal rhag ofn i chi brynu cath mewn cwd" - take care lest you buy a cat in a sack.'

OK that's Fergus Sheil's view, hopefully he will be doing next weeks one as well. Otherwise we will yet again have to suffer Ann-Maree Bellman's drivel, of 3 paragraphs worth of why? Enjoy the video below. 'Til next time Woodies peace, and may The Age promote Fergus Sheil.

Australian Trailer for S1E07 "Greeks Baring Gifts"


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