Saturday, 2 June 2007

Whomix of the Week

So you noticed, hey? It was bit a bit hard not to, from now on each week at Torchwood PR, we will endeavour to bring you the latest "Whomix". So check out the news and get hyped for the next episode, now with sound. The guys over at Whomix, have come up with some very original takes on our favourite theme, I hope you will enjoy them all.

This first mix is called "Hellfire" and is done as a Hardcore Techno track. It's 7 minutes 29 seconds in length and should get the blood pumping in your veins. The artist Scott Sleigh (Cornwall, UK), has done an outstanding job in bringing this tune into the rave realm.

A little bit of a different way to celebrate 500 hits, on Torchwood PR. Maybe over time (no pun intended), the site will start on Torchwood as well. Heres hoping. So now blogging has a soundtrack too, I hope you all enjoy it! Cheers.


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