Tuesday, 19 June 2007

RESET to the Highlands

Small details about episode six of Torchwood's 2 series has leaked. There's no plot information - but there's lot of juicy gossip besides! The episode is called "Reset" and is written by JC Wilsher. Alongside the regular Torchwood cast is guest star Simon Fisher, who plays the role of 'Billy'.
The episode, is in part of production block three, is to be directed by Ashley Way - filming of the episode begins in early July.

But at the moment in Doctor Who, in this week's "The Sound of Drums" we're given an explanation to where the Torchwood team have disappeared to. Apparently, Mr Saxon has sent them all on a wild goose chase up to the Scottish Highlands, to get them out of the way so he's free to conquer the world. What Saxon doesn't bet on though is the return of the Doctor, Jack and Martha from the far flung future.

This hopefully all is true.... it may not...

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