Monday, 9 April 2007

Julie Gives The Word!

Originally it was going to be this year, then it was 2008. The cast then piped up saying it was on track for this year, now Julie Gardner (BBC’s Controller of Drama) offers her 2p worth by letting us know its next year, 2008. Obviously the cast just aren't in the loop, oh well at least we finally have some clarity now.

Julie claims that the reason for the move to January 2008, is to avoid a rush job so as everything goes smoothly. Well I thought everything changes, at least that's what the first episode of series one told us last year. It sure enough has, many times with the second series' start date.

Ms Gardner states, "Last year, we started filming in March and we were on air with 13 episodes from late September, which was just so, so hectic. And we didn't really have enough time – it was absolutely frantic from day one of prep, it was all hands on deck."

Thanks Julie, for finally putting the matter to rest. Now we know how long we have to wait, we can all sleep at night. Alternatively we also know, that there's a few more viewings of our Series One DVD copies in the interim to have. I'm off now, for the time being see you later Woodies.


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