Sunday, 11 March 2007

Sarah-Jane Update?

G'day Woodies, Cyberman here. Outpost Gallifrey, possibly the number one Doctor Who and Spinoff site, has announced that the latest edition of SFX magazine has an update on "The Sarah-Jane Adventures". This is good news for all, after the shocking revelation that it was being stalled due to problems with "Torchwood".

The Sarah-Jane Adventures, though aimed at a younger audience, is more like the original series of "Doctor Who" crossed with say "Nancy Drew", "The Hardy Boys" or "The Three Investigators". By this, I am referring to Sarah's young assistants who help her solve the mysteries in question.

When news of both "Torchwood" and "The Sarah-Jane Adventures" being stalled first broke, many fans were asking themselves "Has the BBC bitten off more than they can chew?", lets hope not. Since Doctor Who first returned to our screens in 2005, it has spawned many spin-offs and behind the scenes programs. These include, "Doctor Who Confidential", "Totally Doctor Who" (which now contains an animated version of Doctor Who), "Torchwood", "Torchwood Declassified", "The Sarah-Jane Adventures" and also "The K-9 Adventures" which is still yet to be seen.

For all you UK residents, the magazine hit new stands on the 10th of March 2007 (yesterday). For everyone else, it will arrive more than likely a week after. So do yourselves a favour, and head down and pick up a copy. Lets hope its good news about our favourite sonic-lipstick weilding companion, 'til next time peace Woodies.


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