Monday, 19 March 2007

"Hucking Harkness in Kent"

Its amazing the inuendo you can create, with the English language without swearing. Earlier this year, it was announced that a shopping centre in Cardiff was to be named after our beloved show, Torchwood.

Since that announcement, another has jumped on the bandwagon. It appears that our favourite Captain, "Jack Harkness" has now had a racehorse named after him. John Barrowman will be going to visit the colt's stables at Hucking, Kent later in the month.

The two-year-old thoroughbred, shown here is one of the "Hucking Horses" syndicate and has been named "Hucking Harkness".

On trainer John Best says: "We were discussing the 'Hucking Horses' and this colt - a son of the stallion Dr Fong - stood out as a tricky one to name.

"Somebody mentioned Doctor Who and from there we reached Captain Jack - and Hucking Harkness was born. We got in touch with John Barrowman’s connections to see what they thought of us using the name and they loved the idea."

Barrowman will visit the stables on March 30. He said: "I can't wait to meet the colt and I’m hoping to see him race.

*"It’s straight out of a Torchwood script - two Harknesses in the same place at the same time!"

*WRITERS NOTE: the term "straight" is used here, in its very losest form.


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