Sunday, 25 March 2007

Busy, Busy Boy - Everything Changes

G'day Hubbers, hows it going? Nothing like some Australian slang, to start the day. As you all may noticed, the site has gone through some further changes again. Most noteably, the addition of labels to help you search through our news more easilly. You will also notice, a new section "Torchwood Topics" in the side-bar. This has been created especially so you can choose, how you want to view our news.

Another thing that I need to report about this site, is that sadly I will not be able to add a Picasa Web Album (like I did on my site). The reason for this is our multiple contributors. On one hand, its good having a lot of people help out. But in the case here, its prevented us from doing this. The Picasa software, although great does not work on a site basis. It works on a user basis, so if I put one up it would only contain the pictures I have posted on this sites blog area (not the side-bar), which is currently only 2 pictures. If we change our minds, I'd say we'll post Pop's one instead (him being the major contributor and also administrator). But what a bummer, hey?


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